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Check Out What We've Done in Our Communities

  • Established the Rotary Scholars Program to fund university scholarships.
  • Filtered water dispensers for the Francisco I. Madero School
  • Refurbished swing set, jungle gym and benches for the Francisco I. Madero School
  • Bookshelves for the Francisco I. Madero School
  • Freezer for the Francisco I. Madero School
  • Toy giveaway at Vista Marina and Francisco I.  Madero Primary Schools. 
  • Recycling program started
  • Graduation backpacks and school supplies for the Francisco I. Madero School
  • Funding for high school admissions testing for the La Misión High School
  • Dental equipment for the Santa Anita Dental Clinic
  • Volunteering at the annual shoe giveaway
  • Renting outhouses, canopies, tables chairs for the annual shoe giveaway.
  • Refurbishing the basketball court in La Misión
  • Lighting for all classrooms and library at the school in La Misión
  • Cafeteria is open to children for breakfast and snacks
  • Food Bank continues distribution of food each month
  • Fish Recycling Project – Financing and using volunteers to build fish-shaped metal receptors for plastic bottles. Position the receptacles, picking up the materials and delivering to Recycle Center, with proceeds going to the Santa Anita School.
  • Refurbishing of the Santa Anita park and playground equipment.
  • Construction of Santa Anita sign to build pride in the citizens
  • Painting of a 70 foot mural as a source of pride for the citizens
  • Funding construction of a bunkhouse for volunteer firefighters so they don’t have to sleep in their trucks when they are on call.
  • Providing two commercial weed whackers and a blower to be used in clear the large weeds in the park and school areas. 
  • Business of the week program
  • The Food Bank: Besides providing volunteers to assist with the distribution of food to needy families, we’ve been able to provide more funds to this worthy endeavor, which is helping to expand the number of families receiving food.
  • Construction of a house from recycled materials for a family that lost their home to fire
  • Focometer testing and eyeglass distribution for the children of La Mision and Primo Tapia
  • Refurbishing play area at Santa Anita Primary School.
  • Rights for ExPats living in Mexico
  • Food Bank continues its food distribution each month
  • Grabbers for the clean up of the Estuary
  • A computer for the Clinic in Santa Anita
  • Medical Supplies for the Clinic in Santa Anita
  • Refrigerator for the Clinic in Santa Anita
  • Paint for the Cafeteria at Santa Anita
  • Stove and supplies for the Cafeteria in Santa Anita
  • A new potable water system installed at the School in Colonia Santa Anita
  • A new potable water system installed at the Secondaria School in La Mision
  • The Library in Santa Anita refurbished and allocated 500 new books
  • Computers available for use in the library
  • Food Bank continues its food distribution each month
  • A shelter was installed at the playground at the school in Santa Anita
  • Eye Testing for the students in Santa Anita (Focometer) Shared with the Rotary group from Glendora
  • Final installation of components for the Cafeteria
  • New floor for the new Classroom in Santa Anita
  • Food, clothing, and blankets supplied for Santa Rosa
  • Screens for classrooms at Santa Anita Primary School and La Misión High School

Some of Our Members

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