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Helping Build a Fire Station

La Mision Voluntario Bomberos (LMVB) “Outfit the Station” 2020 Rotary La Mision.

In 2020 the Rotary Bomberos (Firefighters) Support Committee started a $4500 Go Fund Me campaign with the goal of assisting the “outfitting of the Station”.

In partnership with Baja Bridges (BB) and various Rotary Groups in the United States, we funded 16 “Indian” Backpack sprayers and more. These Sprayers have stopped many fires in the fire season 2020. Baja Bridges, Katherine Turner, and former fire captain, Greg Liptich audited the LMVB equipment.

This audit created the “needs” and “trade” list. Baja Bridges collects and transports US donated Fire Equipment into Baja California.  They visit many Voluntario (and official) Bomberos Estacion, often sponsored by local Rotary Clubs. They audit and create individual “needs and “trades” lists at each station. Relationships grow between the newly connect sister Voluntario stations, like La Mision and San Vicente. This is a very successful project.

LMVB was able to trade unneeded equipment; 1) 12 Scot Air Masks were traded for 4 complete Honeywell air tank/mask etc. We gathered volunteers to clean the station kitchen, trading plastic utensils, with metal. The Bomberos agreed, and wanted this to happen. Boot Funds, and some personal donations have created a Food Fund. We buy them restaurant size sliced cheese, meats, peanut butter and jelly to feed the hungry tired Bomberos after fires.

Bomberos project quickly morphed into transporting/importing a donated used Fire Engine from Cambria Fire Station.  Rotary has initiated an MOU concerning management of the Fire Engine, and handling donations to support the operation for a few years. The Title and Insurance will be with Ejido La Mision, and the LMVB. Engine should be in LM by the end of October, 2020.

The next project is getting a second Fire Vehicle, and setting up UHF/VHF Radios, with Antennas System.  These much needed radios will link LMVB,  El Povenier Voluntario Bomberos (EPVB) and the Kumiai Indians.  We will expand the fundraiser to pay for and build out the Communication system and Antenna.  BB is working on collecting donated Radios. This will save lives!

LMVB new Fire Station is nearly ready to break surface. The Plans and Model were drafted by University of Ensenada Engineering department. La Mision Delegado Omar Garcia Lara plans to set up a viewing of the model, perhaps at the LM Salon. He will continue to negotiate the costs of the build out with Siempre Petroleum. Cross your fingers that they will pay the entire build.


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