Fighting for Change

Bringing Awareness to Our Community

Purpose: The Climate Action Team was started in October 2021 with a goal of promoting education and activism to address climate change and other environmental issues. We work with environmental activists, school staff and students, government officials, members of the local community, and businesses that support our efforts.

Activities: The Team has been involved in many activities since its founding:

  • Earth Day Event – Our Team partnered with local officials and the staff and students at CECyTE in La Misión to put on an all day event promoting environmental education and activities. The CECyTE students invited the local secundaria to participate and taught them about the importance of protecting the environment. Other activities included painting a student-designed mural on one of the exterior walls of the school, planting trees, teaching composting, and the presentation of an environmental awareness play with a visit from the “Trash Monster.”
  • Field trip – we visited the KFE Recicladora facility in Ensenada and saw how they recycle industrial and domestic waste. We also visited Precious Plastics to see the work they are doing on converting waste plastic material into usable products.
  • Supporting the local Eco Resource Center – we partner with the ERC to help them recycle thousands of glass and plastic bottles.
  • Puntos Verdes – we area working with a local organization that supports “Green Points” (recycling centers) to establish several Puntos Verdes in the area. We currently have an application in for a grant that will provide US$10,000 to purchase a shipping container for storing materials to be recycled.
  • Eco Bricks – one of our members is working to manufacture Eco Bricks from used pop bottles. We will look for a way to commercialize this product and possibly do a micro-finance project for a local entrepreneur.

Co-Chairs: Gabe Fasolino and Rhonda Purdle

Rotarian members: Bené Raphael, Rhonda Purdle, Gabe Fasolino, Joy Rios

Other members: Susan Craik, John Larson, Jesus Arellano (Director CECyTE), Karen Perazza (Science teacher at CECyTE), Joan Lucci, Emiliano Barbour

Estimated volunteer hours: 300 (July 1 – September 15, 2022)